The Author

Hello there everybody! It's so nice of you to let me come into your lives in such a special way! It is an honor, for sure, to contemplate people, real-life people, who will read my writings! And like them! Wow! Thank you! I write in anticipation of making a most positive impression in your life and to make you smile as you realize that you can indeed “Overflow with Confident Hope!”

My life in the world of cancer came during a very busy part of my life – January 30, 2003, I was 38 years old. As a successful businesswoman I was running my second hair studio in beautiful Orlando, Florida and was a very social person. I worked out at the YMCA regularly and took yoga so I kept in good shape, living a pretty healthy lifestyle while being very active. I was a "social drinker;" or so I thought, but now I can see that I usually wasn't without a drink in hand or close by. While being raised in a Christian home I rebelled quite heartily when I got out on my own. As a semi-spiritual person I went to church and read spiritual things and had the New Living Translation Bible with the study helps that I read, studied, and highlighted the parts that touched my heart; dotted with some droplets of red wine that happened upon the pages of God’s Holy Word! Little by little God’s love and Spirit became a real thing in my mind and through the years I grew in His ways. As time marched on, God was leading me closer to His way of thinking. Then came the cancer; not once, but twice...and my life completely changed.

For years it seems that you go swimmingly along in a sea of meaninglessness, searching for a love so strong that will conquer all, and hoping for the confident hope that will make your life worthwhile. All the time God has been there, full of His unconditional love and acceptance waiting to wrap you in His arms of compassion and mercy. When the time is right, trust me…He will and does reveal Himself in a most wonderful way! If…if you let Him! It’s our choice…God is a perfect Gentleman!

Going through the cancers were tough as a single, career gal always on my own. It was truly a shock when I found out about it each time. The cancers along with the surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and other procedures ravaged my once healthy and attractive body. I was in and out of the hospitals so many times that I lost count! My family and some friends rallied around me…others dropped out of sight. I battled constant and debilitating pain and depression, among other health and financial issues, and still do. But God…but God was and is there for me all the time! Praise His Holy Name!

As a result of going through all of these trials and struggles, God became the center of my Life! I spell “Life” with a capital L, because that’s what it’s like with God as your Rock! He is in complete control and makes my Life worth living! And I mean living! Romans 8:28 tells us that “all things work together for good to those that love God,” and it is totally true! My mom used to quote that Scripture to me as I was brought in a Christian home and I didn’t “get it” until after going through so much. God can take what looks like a real mess and turn it into a beautiful Message that can bless not only you, but others as well! I can actually see the hand and power of the God of the universe working in my little Life! Oh, His mercy! I can go on and on about that!

So I pray with confident hope that you, my friend, will open up your heart and mind to a fabulous way of living a Life that overflows with confident hope that can be a true reality in your Life too!

Love&Prayers, Susan M. Culey